Pluck the strings in order, thumb, index, ring, middle, and all over again. After the prelude, the rhythm follows, with a pick in hand, strum without restraints, just play out whatever tunes pop up in my mind. Guitar is my friend. When worn-out by the stress of life, frustration in school, or disagreement with family, it’s always the best remedy. My hands are on it, my fingers shift naturally on different frets. In that very moment, listening to the harmony of six strings and humming the tunes in my mind, my mind sifted through all the complication of life. While playing, I can’t help but smile uncontrollably and follow the rhythm. The happiness and music helps me regain my strength and reset myself back in order, forget all the negative emotion, and carry on plucking thumb, index, ring, middle.

I try to write it in a really sincere way, so I really need others’ review to see if I have made it.
Just share your first thoughts and tell me your ideas, please be critique.
And do I have to make it longer to use up all the space, if yes, what things need further description?
Really appreciate your help!!


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