Mahmoud Hasan: six years of borderless Qatari scandals

Since 2010, Qatar has occupied a prominent place in the classified documents that WikiLeaks used to publish. These documents unmasked the face that Doha was keen to conceal from public opinion as embodied in Al Jazeera channel’s close association with the Qatari politics – despite the channel’s claim that it is independent – and the relationship of the Qatari government-funded channel with the US intelligence. Lately, Doha appeared in what was known as “Panama Documents” on money laundering and was also shown to be funding Daesh which is already known by Washington.

Dubious Al Jazeera
Qatar has used Al Jazeera as a tool to compromise its GCC and Arab neighbours with a view to be their leaders. Its ambition and clumsy policy, however, led to its fall.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV played a dubious role in the crises that hit Egypt, Syria and Libya, spreading rumours during the Arab Spring revolutions which led to the collapse of their national institutions.

Qatari research centres have intensified their work in recent years and produced a number of studies for broadcasting through the Qatari news channels, especially Al Jazeera, for targeting the powerful Arab armies in the Arab region in the hope of creating a false position for a tiny state in terms of thinking, politics and area.

Through WikiLeaks, Al Khaleej is highlighting below 6 years of Qatari scandals:

The WikiLeaks website revealed that Doha had a close relationship with extremist organisations such as Daesh by presenting emails by the losing candidate in the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton, in which she admitted that Qatar was providing financial and logistic support to Daesh militants.  These included an email sent by Clinton to John Podesta, director of her presidential campaign, who filled the post of adviser to the US president, on September 27, 2014. The e-mail contained a plan of 8 points for fighting Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

Clinton said: “While the military operations are going on, the US needs to use diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to put pressure on the Government of Qatar, which is secretly providing financial and logistic aid to such extremist organisations in the region as Daesh.” Clinton added that these efforts would prompt Qatar to seek a balanced policy between its passion for ensuring its hegemony over the Islamic world and the consequences of the US’ serious pressures.


Israel bombs Gaza after rocket fire

The Israeli army has bombed targets in the Gaza Strip overnight after a rocket was fired from the blockaded Palestinian territory.

Israeli attacks were recorded in at least three locations in Hamas-governed Gaza, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said, with Hamas bases struck near the southern city of Rafah and Gaza City, as well as an empty area in the centre of Gaza.

The interior ministry in Gaza said in a statement the attack from Israel caused damage but it did not provide specifics.

Ashraf al-Qidra, Palestinian health ministry spokesman, said no casualties were recorded as a result of the attacks.

Aljazeera TV

A first date is always awkward. And indeed Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s first official meeting was exactly that: awkward.

It’s likely that other participants in the G20 summit also had uncomfortable encounters with Trump and Putin – two of the least popular world leaders (according to a recent Pew poll, they enjoy respectively 22 and 27 percent support internationally, while Angela Merkel by comparison – 42 percent). And it was entertaining to watch the G20 leaders gathering and chatting amicably, while Putin and Trump went straight to their respective seats, faces buried in their papers, in intense preparation for their speeches.

But even more interesting was the long-awaited personal meeting between the two.

The day before, Trump had surprised many by visiting Warsaw (the capital of Poland, where Putin enjoys about four percent support) and denouncing Russia‘s interference in the domestic affairs of Eastern Europe. During his speech there, he referred to Poland’s fate in the beginning of World War II when both Germany and the USSR invaded it.

This historical fact is as important to the Poles and their national memory, as it is painful to today’s Russian authorities (political commentators close to Kremlin like to interpret this fact as the USSR saving Poland from Nazi invasion). In other words, Trump’s speech in Poland was supposed to demonstrate that despite all speculation, the US would continue to back its European allies and defend them from Russian aggression.

In this sense, Putin’s showing up at the G20 and meeting Trump produced the same discomforting feeling as when the ex-lover of the bride shows up to her wedding. And this uncomfortable sentiment only increased as the meeting went on. In the beginning, their meeting was supposed to last only a half-hour, but it stretched to two, and even Melania Trump was not able to put an end to it.


Ditetapkan sebagai Gubernur DKI, Anies Disambut Tanjidor

Anies Baswedan dan Sandiaga Uno ditetapkan sebagai Gubernur dan Wakil Gubernur DKI Jakarta periode 2017-2022 oleh Komisi Pemilihan Umum DKI Jakarta, Jumat, 5 Mei 2017. Setelah ditetapkan, Anies mendatangi posko pemenangan Anies-Sandi di Jalan Cicurug, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.
Anies datang bersama istrinya, Ferry Farhati, dan disambut musik tradisional tanjidor, ondel-ondel, dan petasan renceng. “Kepada relawan yang bekerja bergerak membantu kami, kerja itu telah tercapai. Kami ingin tegaskan kemenangan bersama,” ujar Anies, Jumat, 5 Mei 2017.Ratusan pendukung Anies berkumpul di permukiman elite yang biasanya terlihat sepi itu. Berbagai santapan disuguhkan. Puluhan pedagang kaki lima yang berbaris sepanjang Jalan Cicurug mempersiapkan aneka makanan untuk para pendukung dan relawan Anies-Sandi.